Every single day, 1,63,000 Indians die in a fire. Every single hour, 4 burglaries take place in metro cities alone, In just six minutes, a fire can turn a premise into a pile of ashes. Only one company has a 360° protection & solution ­ TARA FIRE. A state ­ of ­ the ­ art company with state ­ of ­ art lifesaving products.

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Tara Fire committed to raise the bar of excellence in the area of service, our quality products. Tara Fire believe in continuously delivering the same by upholding the highest ethical standard, committment & integrity.


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All types of fire extinguishers and allied fittings.
  •           CO2 Systems.
  •           Holon Systems.
  •           Water Sprinkler Systems.
  •           Fm loo Systems.
  •           Inergeon Systems.
  •           Water mist Systems
  •           Fire detection Systems
  •           Liquid Foams and Systems
  •           Hydrant Systems.
  •           Hydrant Accessories.
  •           Foam water hose reels
  •           Hose reels drum and Hose reel boxes etc.
  •           Fire Suits
  •           Tara Fire System for Emergency Evacuation
  •           Fire Escape Emergency Lighting system
  •           Fire Trolleys
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TARA FIRE’S Distribution Verticals:-
     Fire Solutions
     Project Division

   Fire Solutions:-

With over 900 highly trained and qualified personnel managing over 15 th branches across 10 metro cities our fire solutions distribution vertical others the gamut of fire protection solutions ABC fire extinguisher powder MAP 50% and MAP 90%, TARA FIRE clean agent ‚ CO2 and foam extinguishers the stable base of our range complemented by state of the art specialty extinguisher like water mist and metal extinguisher. Rounding of this offering India’s most comprehensive range of the detection and alarm systems, escape equipment and fire suits.


The Tara Fire solutions vertical has responsibilities well beyond sales, they educate customers on every aspect of the safety, conduct intensive training


Tara Fire’s security distribution vertical number 150 skilled personnel across the sales, technical an logistics functions. This vertical offers a 360 degree end to end security solution comprising. Perimeter, intermediate and interior components. The perimeter security system includes perimeter sensors and control panel. .


The intermediate system comprises of motion detectors and CCTV Cameras to record any unusual activity and to provide a final range of security. The interior security system contains infra- red curtain detectors, magnetic door break detectors and glass detectors, motion sensors connected to control panel. Plus VDP system, all of which add up to the most comprehensive safety and security system built at the every edge of technology.


   Projects Division:-

India’s burgeoning economy means a best market for safety and security solutions. The market for our projects division scups large corporate and commercial establishments malls and multiplexes hospitals, airport, factories, hotels and industrial kitchens, and more. What all these institutions need is a one - stop, single window service that offers complete protection against all threats. Tara Fire’s projects division is possibly the only answer to that need.


Tara fire’s Projects division distribution vertical comprises a 100 plus member team, including highly experienced engineer, a dedicated design cell and a well qualified installation team.
The Projects division offers turnkey solutions, working enclose conjunction with architects interior designers and contractors pan India.
The complete your fire protection needs and our service to you, we also undertake AMC of portable fixed fire extinguishers and systems. Fire safety equipment & compressed air breathing apparatus.

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